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This is more than just a virtual workout program, it's a community of friends supporting and uplifting each other daily!
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Virtual Training gives you the results you want plus the freedom and flexibility you need.
  • LIVE Daily LIVE Workouts with your trainer so you can stay motivated and make sure you are using proper form!
  • LIVE Weekly Coaching Calls so you can get all of your questions about fitness and nutrition answered by your trainer!
  • ​24/7 Online Accountability Group so you can get the support and encouragement you need to hold you accountable on your fitness journey!
  • ​​Minimal equipment needed means you don't have to turn your living room into a gym to get amazing results!
  • Personalized Workouts designed by your trainer with you in mind to ensure you have all of the modifications you need to get a great workout every time!
  • Nutrition Support through personalized meal plans that not only get results but also taste delicious so you can enjoy your fitness and health journey!
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Virtual Training is NOT the same thing as online fitness. 
Virtual Training is all about you and what you need to have the best workout experience possible.  Online fitness uses a one size fits all approach.  With Virtual Training it's like having your own personal trainer who knows you and exactly what you need to be successful on your fitness journey.
Online Training Programs
  • NO client-trainer relationship.
  • NO personal modifications to suit your needs.
  • NO live training calls with your trainer to ask questions and get support.
  • NO guidance when you hit a plateau or roadblock in your training.
  • NO way of knowing if what you are doing is getting the results you are looking for.
Virtual Training Experience
  • You have Your Own Personal Trainer who knows you and the results and goals you are looking to achieve!
  • ​You have a trainer who knows how to modify each exercise movement to suit your needs which guarantees a great workout every time.
  • You can talk with your trainer through live calls and get the information you need and any questions you might have answered.
  • You have the guidance and support needed to break through plateaus when you hit them.
  • ​You have someone who is truly excited to walk alongside of you through your fitness journey.
Create a personal relationship with your trainer.
Meet Coach Dan, he is an Exercise Physiologist and the founder of Peak 365 Fitness.  He has been in the fitness industry for over a decade and helped thousands of men and women transform their lives by helping them get the results they were looking for.  He has coached over 5,000 fitness classes and uses a simple 3-pillar approach to fitness and health that is easy to follow, time tested, and perfect for beginners and experts alike. 
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The 3-Pillar System we use that makes getting results simple and sustainable.
Fitness designed for you.
Each class is lead by an expert trainer who will show the perfect modifications you'll need regardless of your fitness level. 
Nutrition made for health.
We believe in eating real whole food nutrition as close to nature as possible.  That means eating foods that not only heal and nourish your body but taste delicious as well.
Accountability that works.
A supportive and encouraging community of people holding you accountable can be the difference between getting results and not.

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I get a better workout with a trainer or group class.
I work out better alone.
The proof is in the pudding!  Check out what people are saying about Peak 365 Fitness?
"The supportive community at Peak is the secret behind my sustained results over the past 4 years!"
- Stacy H., Member Since 2015
"At 72 I thought seeing changes in my body was long gone but I'm down over 10 pounds, have more mobility, and see definition I had years ago coming back!"
- Ed H., Member Since 2017
"I' was stuck in a plateau for over 3 years and Peak helped me not only break through it but surpass what I thought was even possible"
- Cindy H., Member Since 2016
"Peak is far more than a workout! It is a community of friends who bring out the best in each other!"
- Renee J., Member Since 2015
"This was the first workout program that ever appealed to me because I wasn't a fitness guy. Now I am stronger than ever and in the best shape of my life!"
- Roy F., Member Since 2015
"I've always been an athlete and in shape but with past injuries it's been hard to find a workout program.  Peak got me out of my own head and now I train smarter not harder and have been injury free since I started!"
- Avery S., Member Since 2017
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