Can we get real for a minute and can I ask you a serious question?

When will you FINALLY BE READY to take your HEALTH and the way you LOOK and FEEL seriously?

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What I'm really trying to say is when are you going to make your nutrition and fitness more of a priority in your life?  That means working out and eating healthy more than just when it's convenient.  I'm talking about giving yourself a goal and not quitting until you make that goal happen!

A goal like...

Losing 10, 15, 20+ pounds!

 Fitting into your old jeans or clothing!

Losing your belly fat!

Getting the flat stomach or 6-pack you've always wanted!

Boosting your energy levels back to where they used to be!

I know those goals sound great but...

Here's the problem... You may be looking at those goals saying, "That's unrealistic... I've been out of the game for far to long." or "My life is too busy and I don't have the time needed to get results like that.".  I'm here to tell you that is not true!  Those are just a few limiting beliefs I hear all the time!  The same people who give me those same excuses also tend to be the people who get the best results!  It always amazes me at what people can achieve when they just commit to something.  Like committing to creating the body and health they've always dreamed of having!

I totally get the want to pull away at first.  The desire to formulate some sort of reason in your head why this may be good for someone else but not for YOU!  I used to do that too.  At one point in time I couldn't stand what I saw looking back at me in the mirror and my sheer lack of confidence was enough to keep me locked up at home for days without any social interaction.  But, that all changed for me in a matter of a few months!  Not only did it work for me, I've used the same principles found in The Total Body Transformation Package on hundreds of other people just like you and they too have gotten amazing results in almost no time at all with minimal effort!  Check out a few of the success stories below...

The proof is in the pudding!  These are just a few of the REAL people getting REAL results.  No fat loss pills, no crash diets, and no need to spend hours each day doing "cardio."  These transformations come from consistency with their exercise program and good choices in the kitchen.  It is amazing what the right mindset, a little sweat equity, and clean whole food nutrition can do for your body and mind!

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Meet Roxane

"I can safely say that I have found my fitness "home" at ARH and this has been an eye opening year for me.  No longer am I jumping from workout DVD to workout DVD only to be bored quickly and lose my way.  Dan's support and ability to care has no doubt helped me reach my health goals."


Meet Dr. Kimberly

"I lost 50lbs. in 7 months by following the principles taught at ARH.  My transformation is one of the many reasons why my husband and I decided to open ARH and share what we have learned in being part of the health and wellness industry for the last decade.  If rowing and proper nutrition helped me balance my hormones and keep my body functioning at its best, the possibility to help others is endless!"


Meet Daniel

"ARH has helped me re-shape my mindset and achieve my personal goals.  In six months I lost 40 lbs. due to the amazing workouts paired with the mindset and discipline the trainers instill.  If you are looking for something to keep you motivated and on track to achieve your goals, ARH and the killer workouts are a must!"

Here is the good news...

You could be the next success story!  You can easily get back to looking and feeling great everyday if you are willing to commit to yourself!  After spending the last decade of my life educating my clients on what it takes to become truly healthy and well in every aspect of their lives, I have created a fool proof strategy that will transform your body & life, not only getting you results in the short term but results that stand the test of time long term.  And like I said above, I will show you how to get the results you want without spending hours in the gym, and in the kitchen, so you have more time to do the things you love to do.  Because lets face it, we live in a time where we are busier than ever before and getting in the best shape of your life shouldn't have to be a full time job!  Exercise and nutrition should be looked at from a sustainable lifestyle approach that makes exercising and eating healthy enjoyable and not a hassle.

If you can commit to bettering yourself over the next 12-weeks the possibilities of what can happen in your life are endless!

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How does the Total Body Transformation Package work?

It focuses on THREE PILLARS to ensure you see a TOTAL BODY TRANSFORMATION rather than just reaching a specific goal.

Pillar I. - FITNESS

You will receive a 3 month unlimited membership to ARH where you will have access to all of our signature classes that have been designed to maximize your body's ability to burn fat and build lean muscle while getting results that last!  You will also receive the Strong & Lean At Home Training Guide that will teach you how to maximize your results at home on the days you just can't make it to the gym.  The training guide also explains in detail why metabolic conditioning (conditioning your body's metabolism) is the best way to get results and why traditional cardio can actually cause weight-gain instead of weight-loss!  It also explains how and why we use the following 3-PHASE Fitness System to progressivly transform your body in the most safe and effective way.

Week 1-4: PHASE I.

Rapid Fat Loss

Week 5-8: PHASE II.

Building Lean Muscle

Week 9-12: PHASE III.

Creating Massive Transformation


You will receive the 10-Step Nutrition Transformation Guide & Meal Plan that will teach you how to radically transform your health by reducing inflammation and maximizing your body's fat burning and muscle building ability all while teaching you how to enjoy eating healthy!  The nutrition guide includes over 35 healthy meals, snacks, and dessert recipes with easy to follow cooking instructions!  You will also receive the Macro Guide & Carb Cycling Blueprint which will teach you how to determine exactly how much food you should be eating each day to get the results you want by using low-carb and high-carb days to keep your body from plateauing.  No more counting calories or starvation diets!


You will have access to the private Facebook group where you will meet action takers just like yourself who are ready to take control of and transform their lives!  This group is exactly what you will need to help you stay accountable throughout your journey to extraordinary health and where you can ask me any questions you have about the workouts, the nutrition guide, or virtually anything health and fitness related!

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