A Letter from Coach Dan

Hello beautiful people!

My name is Dan Huck and I help people just like you transform their health by focusing on fitness, nutrition, and creating an unstoppable mindset!  In turn, the people I help return the favor by giving me the fuel I need to keep moving forward and changing more lives!

There's nothing better than watching someone walk through our studio door for the first time not sure if we are the answer to whatever struggle it is that they are having that day and walk out 45 minutes later with a new found sense of freedom or confidence knowing that their life will be forever changed for the better!

If you've ever struggled from a lack of confidence in the way you look or feel, you're not alone.  It wasn't long ago that I was suffering from a number of health issues including migraines, depression and anxiety to name a few.  Luckily for me someone chose to take a moment and educate me on where true health, healing and happiness came from and I was forever changed.  When I took control of my fitness, nutrition, and health my migraines started coming less often, I wasn't feeling depressed, and the anxious feeling that I seemed to carry around with me everywhere started to be missing.  I had finally started to gain back the control over my life and started living the life I was dying to live!

Fast forward to now and I am an Exercise Physiologist with my masters in Exercise and Sport Health Science and I founded and own PEAK 365 FITNESS where I am now ever grateful for the privilege to help serve my community through fitness, nutrition, and mindset!

I can't wait to see you in the studio creating the best version of yourself 45 minutes at a time!

Coach, Dan