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Hi I’m Coach Dan and I’m really excited you landed on this page because it means you’re excited about The Peak Fit Project!

We created The Peak Fit Project for busy women and men who want to reach there fitness and health goals regardless of their busy schedules and whether they’ve tried other programs in the past successfully or maybe even unsuccessfully. So with The Peak Fit Project we focus on 3 key pillars that fuel the results our clients see daily. We have…

Pillar I. - the fitness component

Pillar II. - the Customized nutrition component

Pillar III. - the accountability component

And the Accountability Component is the key component in helping you reach the goals you’ve put in place.

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We offer customized memberships and class packages that range from $20 to $99 per week allowing us to put together the perfect program that will allow you to get the results you are looking for in the shortest amount of time as possible!

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