PEAK 365 FITNESS is a revolutionary fitness studio combining low-impact indoor waterrowers with strength training exercise movements to create a fun, safe, and effective low-impact total body workout!  Because our workouts are easily modifiable and low-impact on the knees, hips, and back, it makes fitness accessible to almost anyone!  However, don't confuse "low-impact" with "easy" because this workout is far from that.  We will push your limits to assure you leave drenched in sweat with the results you are looking for!

So why PEAK 365 FITNESS? We believe that each and every person on this earth deserves the right to live their life in a peak state each and every day, 365 days a year.  A peak state means you aren't just getting by in life, it means you are thriving in every aspect of your life - physically, mentally, spiritually, and relationally.  It is in this peak state that you are able to become the person you created to be and live the life were designed to live.  A life of abundant health and wellness.

There is also a double meaning to the word peak.  In order to reach a peak state of existence we all have some type of adversity or obstacle to overcome.  Whether that obstacle is just being new to fitness and health in general or it is something more serious like getting over a messy divorce, we each have our own "Everest" to climb in order to over come those obstacles and adversities.

To sum it up, PEAK 365 FITNESS is about you.  It's about helping you knock down the walls holding you back from living every day to it's fullest.  It's about being part of a community of people who are all on their own individual journey through but working together to help strengthen and serve each other along the way.


Are you ready to reach your peak?

(WARNING... You WILL become addicted!)