Burn Fat, Build Lean Muscle, & Reach Your Peak!

The rower works over 84% of all the muscles in your body and can burn up to 800+ calories in one class!


By combining cardio intervals on the rower with strength exercises on the mat, we've created a low-impact, functional, and well-rounded total body workout that is

safe, effective, and results driven!

making it a great option For virtually anyone regardless of their fitness level!

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Total Body Row

This 45 minute class is the perfect mix of strength and cardio. It will maximize your bodies ability to burn fat while sculpting and toning every muscle on your body. From sprints and endurance intervals on the rower to dumbbell and body weight exercises on the mat, this class is a true total body burn. This class is 50% rowing and 50% strength training.

Strength Circuit

This is a 45 minute interval based circuit class is designed to take your results to the next level by optimizing your physique.  Whether you're a lady looking to create the flat stomach and curves you've been dreaming of by sculpting your core, legs, and glutes or a guy looking to build that perfect “V” shape by focusing on your chest, back, and arms the Strength Circuit Class has the ability to make the results achievable!


This is a 50 minute class that focuses on strength movements that hit all of your major muscle groups to produce strength and power. After the strength portion of the workout there is a mix of rowing and HIIT movements to spike your heart rate and turn on the calorie torching power of the “After Burn Effect”. This class finishes with a foam rolling session to assure you maximize your body’s ability to recover!


This 45 minute class will take your cardio and muscular endurance to the next level regardless of how fit or unfit you may be. If you love the high-energy vibe of a spin class but want to get more bang for your buck by strengthening your legs, core, and arms, ROW FIT is the answer! By mixing long and short rowing intervals fueled by the beat of the music, it’s easy to see why this workout is addicting!

“When it comes to achieving body-sculpting benefits, indoor rowing is in a class of its own. A 50-minute rowing class can burn up to 1,200 calories, twice as many as spinning. Every stroke requires you to work your calves, quads, hamstrings, glutes, abs, obliques, pecs, biceps, triceps, delts, upper back, and lats.”


The proof is in the pudding!  These are just a few of the REAL people getting REAL results.  No fat loss pills, no crash diets, and no need to spend hours each day doing "cardio."  These transformations come from consistency with their exercise program and good choices in the kitchen.  It is amazing what the right mindset, a little sweat equity, and clean whole food nutrition can do for your body and mind!



Meet RoxaNE

"I can safely say that I have found my fitness "home" at P365 and this has been an eye opening year for me.  No longer am I jumping from workout DVD to workout DVD only to be bored quickly and lose my way.  Dan's support and ability to care has no doubt helped me reach my health goals."



Meet Dan

"P365 has helped me re-shape my mindset and achieve my personal goals.  In six months I lost 40 lbs. due to the amazing workouts paired with the mindset and discipline the trainers instill.  If you are looking for something to keep you motivated and on track to achieve your goals, P365 is a must!"



Meet Dr. Kim

"I lost 50lbs. in 7 months by following the 3 core pillars of transformation that make up the foundation of P365 - Fitness, Nutrition, & Accountability.  The success of my own transformation is one of the many reasons why my husband and I created P365 to help transform our local community!"

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